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U Streat was started by Stephen Campbell (me) in a bar in Washington, DC in the U Street Corridor (The first show we ever produced is featured here!). The company name is spelled that way because the original purpose was to use comedy to raise money and provide food to people who didn't have any.


Since then, U Streat has expanded nationwide to focus on spreading laughter to the workplace, and using comedy as a conduit for corporate giving. We take the money we make through our virtual comedy shows to put toward a variety of fundraising initiatives; from providing mental health resources to people who need it, to continuing to feed those in need.

We've come a long way, and we're constantly reminded that we are very lucky to make people laugh on a regular basis.

Thank you to everyone who has booked a show with us and to all the comics who are blessing these stages / streams

About U Streat Comedy

Our Mission

To provide an alternative way of thinking through humor, an alternative business model through social enterprise, and an alternative way to make an impact through art. 

Our Vision

We aim to raise $25 million for partner nonprofits, create 250 self-sustaining jobs for comedians and artists, and to inspire 50 new social enterprises to employ a business model that meshes passion, social, and financial incentive by 2030.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve as a case study to those who wish to pursue their passions and help others - that there is financial gain to be had in that endeavor. 

The idea of helping others and / or following an artistic passion is believed to be mutually exclusive to financial success. 

We know that to see true social change, we must see it in business. 

We hope to be a brick in the building of a more just society, and hope to inspire others to do the same.... One stupid joke at a time.

Our Guiding Principles

Is it Funny? 

Our number one goal is and will always be to make you laugh. 

Is it Good? 

We aim to partner only with corporate entities and nonprofit organizations that align with our value system. 

Is it Impactful?

Through financial, social and environmental impact, we plan to make some waves and create a better world - whether that is just by putting a smile on someone's face and improving their day for a brief second, joining and supporting the fight to ensure Black Lives are always valued, or by raising millions to save the rainforest; we're here for it, and here for you. 

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Stephen Campbell, founder of U Streat Comedy talks to Nick Day about how laughter and comedy can make a social impact, improve and build culture and provide an alternative solution for effective team building.


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