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We needed U Streat's comedy show more than we knew! One month later, and there are still inside jokes being shared between team members. We will definitely be working with U Streat again!

Steve S - Salesforce


What is a virtual comedy show, and how do they work? 

Our virtual shows are formatted like a showcase you'd see at any major comedy club; with three or four standup comedians, and a host performing. The shows can take place on any remote meeting platform your team frequents; ie Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams. 

Are your shows safe for work?

Yep! Our default is to make every show PG-13, and we'll talk with you about any other content restrictions. Our goal is to always make the person who gave us an opportunity to look as incredible as possible, so we will put a show on that will make that happen!

Who else have you worked with? 

Over 500 companies! We've been fortunate to perform for large orgs like Salesforce, Lululemon, and PwC, and have had the opportunity to laugh with much smaller companies too! 

What types of comedy shows do you offer? 

We specialize in virtual standup comedy shows, with multiple comedians.

Where else can I see your comedians perform?

On your TV or computer! We book comedians from HBO, Comedy Central, and Netflix; along with some of the best up and coming talent in the country. 

Can we choose our comedians? 

Absolutely! Typically, we will send a list of comedians for you to look through after our initial call, but we can book any comedian you want. Prices may vary for specific comedians.

What technical equipment do I need for a show? 

We will laugh with you on whatever virtual meeting platform you typically use! 

How long does it take to book a show? 

We have produced shows with a 24 hour turnaround, but we usually like to have at least three weeks to book the best show possible for you and your team.

How can we set up an initial discovery call? 

Just fill out the "Contact Us" form below! 

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