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U Streat Presents the 

Non-Prophets Podcast

About the Non Prophets Podcast

The Non Prophets Podcast is hosted by comedians Stephen Campbell and Franqi French. They work out jokes they are writing that focus on specific social issues, and then have nonprofit leaders on the show who are working to alleviate those social issues. 

Comedy gives audiences an opportunity to process complex social issues in a palatable manner. The Non Prophets Podcast aims to give a comedic slant to social and environmental issues, while giving people who are working to address those issues a platform and giving audiences actionable insights to help fight those issues themselves. 

Non Prophets is a weekly podcast

Tune in every Tuesday at 6:30EST to the Comedy Hub Twitch Channel to watch the show live! Interact with Stephen, Franqi and our nonprofit leaders in the chat bar, and donate! Can't catch the live episode? No an issue! Every episode will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and everywhere podcasts live! 

Non Prophets is a monthly comedy showcase

On the last Sunday of every month, we produce a virtual comedy show to raise money for all the nonprofits interviewed throughout the month on the weekly podcast. The virtual comedy show will feature comics from Netflix, Comedy Central and HBO, and will include opportunities for audiences to interact with comics and brands through a private YouTube link. 

Non Prophets is a fundraising vehicle

Through brand partnership and sponsorship opportunities companies can give to causes they are passionate about, and the Non Prophets podcast is able to contribute to the success of our partner nonprofits. By selling tickets to the Non Prophets Comedy Show Case at the end of the month, we are able to supplement money raised through brand partnerships and ensure our comedians are compensated fairly for entertaining folks at our virtual fundraising comedy show.  

Non Prophets is an experiential sponsorship opportunity

Outside of the warm fuzzy (and tax deductible) feeling you get by supporting a wonderful cause, U Streat is able to provide marketing opportunities in very focused market segments. By choosing the causes that best align with your brand, and being associated with the onslaught of laughter audiences will be experiencing during the programs you are able to highly focus your marketing processes while being associated with laughter! Contact us to learn more.

Featured Non-Profit

APA Logo.png

As part of our Black History Month initiative, America's Promise Alliance will be joining the Non Prophets Podcast to chat about the work they are doing to support Black youth in underserved communities nationwide. 

America's Promise Alliance is an alliance of over 450 nonprofits, who focus on helping the youth of America, including notable groups like the Boys and Girls Club and United Way. 

Their five promises are to provide youth with caring adults to assist in child development, safe places for children to develop intellectually and emotionally, nourishment and education to allow for healthy development, and opportunities to help others. 

Join us on February 15th to learn more about the work APA is doing. You can view the show live on the Comedy Hub Twitch channel, or afterwards on the Non Prophets YouTube Channel and anywhere podcasts live!  

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How to Partner with


Partner brands can get involved in a bunch of different ways! 

Brands can choose to sponsor multiple shows that focus on topics they are passionate about, or align with their brand. They can also pick a month or single show that they would love to support! 

Brands can underwrite comedy showcases to ensure we can maximize the impact our experiences without excluding audiences who want to watch. 

Brands can match donations made through ticket sales to our comedy showcases to maximize the impact we can make together while making everyone laugh! 

In some instances, brands can also offer in-kind donations of products. 

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