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Corporate social responsibility comedy shows.




How Fundraising With
U Streat Works



Are you searching for a fresh and exciting way to boost your nonprofit's fundraising efforts? Look no further! U Streat Comedy specializes in producing dynamic fundraising comedy shows that will leave your corporate and private donors in stitches while they support your cause.

We produce small-scale fundraising comedy events for private donors, and large scale public sponsored events. Nonprofit organizations can add to their value proposition to private donors by offering stand-up comedy shows for various levels of giving, or to their corporate donors as an employee engagement event.

U Streat Comedy has a proven track record of raising money for the biggest nonprofits in the world!

U Streat understands the unique needs and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and will take care of all event production headaches! 

Every nonprofit has its own story, and our comedy shows are designed to align with your cause and resonate with your audience. Our talented comedians will incorporate elements of your nonprofit's mission, values, and achievements into their performances, creating a heartfelt and memorable experience that inspires generosity.

We love making people laugh and making an impact, and would LOVE the opportunity to help you take the guess work out of fundraising, while taking care of the whole event production process. You just bring your donors' smiling faces!

We can create charity event productions and comedy fundraisers in-person or virtually. That's right! Comedy virtual fundraising is real and a whole lot of fun!

Fundraising Comedy Shows & Charity Event Comics

The best names from Netflix, Comedy Central and NBC, direct from their living rooms to yours!

We've partnered with Unity Values to produce campaigns for each partner organization. This allows us to run these events in a hybrid fashion, in a telethon format to maximize fundraising for our partner nonprofits! 

We work with your private and corporate donors to put on the exact event they want to see. Ensuring they have an incredible and unforgettable time, so they will continue to give to your organization! 

Past Fundraising Opportunities

Upcoming Events

With our Community Comedy Shows we are able to bring numerous nonprofits into share in on some inside jokes! 

On December 1st we are working with the American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club, Invisible Hands, and Oliver's Scholars 

Non Prophets Cover Art.jpg

Sponsor the

Non-Prophets Podcast

Engage with customers, laugh out loud, and generate positive brand awareness by supporting a non-profit that aligns with your brand! 

We're searching for corporate sponsors that want to make an impact while extending their reach, in a positive way! 


New Value Through Virtual Comedy Shows

"Nonprofits are having difficulty fundraising in the current climate. These shows give new value to donors, and offer an excellent opportunity for organizations to engage with the people that support them day in and day out."

Stephen Skinner - Owner of Unity Values

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