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How Virtual Fundraising With U Streat Works

We love fundraising almost as much as we love comedy. Our virtual fundraising events provide an excellent opportunity to re-engage with your donors.

There is no upfront cost to our partner nonprofits, we produce the event ourselves and we will work with you to put together the perfect marketing campaign to ensure the fundraising comedy show is a light lift for your staff, and a huge benefit for everyone involved!

We have been receiving tons of emails stating that these shows were the best nights of people's weeks. During this time we have been reminded that laughter has a social utility, and allows us some levity during tumultuous times.  We are honored to work with all of our partner nonprofits to make you laugh and make an impact in the process!

The best names from Netflix, Comedy Central and NBC, direct from their living rooms to yours!

We've partnered with Unity Values to produce campaigns for each partner organization. This allows for seamless payment and simple accounting to ensure each donation is attributed to the correct nonprofit. 

Engage with your donors in a way that makes them giggle, and makes them want to return!

Upcoming Events

With our Community Comedy Shows we are able to bring numerous nonprofits into share in on some inside jokes! 

On December 1st we are working with the American Cancer Society, the Boys and Girls Club, Invisible Hands, and Oliver's Scholars 

Sponsor the

Non-Prophets Podcast

Engage with customers, laugh out loud, and generate positive brand awareness by supporting a non-profit that aligns with your brand! 

We're searching for corporate sponsors that want to make an impact while extending their reach, in a positive way! 


New Value Through Virtual Comedy Shows

"Nonprofits are having difficulty fundraising in the current climate. These shows give new value to donors, and offer an excellent opportunity for organizations to engage with the people that support them day in and day out."

Stephen Skinner - Owner of Unity Values

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U Streat produces virtual comedy shows

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U Streat has been producing fundraising and corporate comedy shows for seven years. We can't wait to make you laugh!

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