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How To Fundraise For Nonprofits with a Corporate Virtual Comedy Show!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Look out for U Streat Comedy’s podcast Non-Prophets with Lululemon and DonorsChoose…..

We’re excited for our new show with Lululemon and DonorsChoose airing on May 25th. We will be talking about teachers, their mental health and what you can do to help teachers who have been negatively affected by the last year.

According to an USA Today article, teachers have experienced large amounts of stress and declined mental health since the start of the pandemic. One teacher shares her story of trying to balance the demands of her life. Being a teacher, mother of three and marriage to her husband that is also a teacher. Since September, this teacher has been on a hybrid model of teaching where she spends half her time remote teaching then the other half in person teaching. While working, she has to think about the adult supervision her own young kids need to succeed in online schooling and the needs of her students. She adjusted by tightening her schedule to make everything organized; but making sure everyone got their necessary attention was difficult.

Unfortunately, she failed to include her own self care on the schedule. The teacher found herself skipping her therapy appointments, while experiencing increased physical and mental problems. Including loss of sleep, migraines and exhaustion. Sick days were not justifiable in her mind because there weren't enough resources to help her students in her absence. This is just one teacher’s story on how difficult the pandemic has been on her mental health but many teachers can say the same.

Highlighting DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose mission is to make it easier for anyone who wants to help a teacher in need. In 2000, a teacher at Bronx High School had to create photocopies of a book his students were assigned because there weren't enough books to go around. The teacher named Charles thought about all the money he and his colleagues were spending on art supplies, books and learning materials to support their students. Charles knew there were people out there wanting to help, so he created a website where teachers were able to post classroom supplies needed. This format allowed teachers to post what they needed and allow donors to choose which teachers and projects they wanted to help.

This program started with just 11 posts for his colleagues at Bronx High School to now being open to every public school in America. Now, 20 years later they have helped teachers complete over 1.7 million projects. They credit their success to the transparency they provide to donors. They understand that people feel more compelled to donate if they know exactly where their money is going. With the growth of social media, projects can be shared online to gather more support and teachers can provide what is needed to their students.

Spotlighting Nick Ferroni from DonorsChoose

Nick Ferroni was awarded teacher of the year and featured in people magazine as the sexiest teacher in NYX Talk remote learning. Nicholas Ferroni is a New Jersey history teacher who has moderated multiple Twitter chats on behalf of DonorsChoose. During these chats, he asked different teachers questions about their DonorsChoose experience. He covered everything from how to set up a project, tips on how to be effective and how the students have been impacted. This chat helps continue to gather support for teachers and students during these difficult times.

Nichols is known for this special quote "Students who are loved at home, come to school to learn and students who aren’t, come to school to be loved." He has become renowned for uplifting and supporting his students and teachers everywhere. His unique approach to fixing issues with students has garnered him a lot of popularity. His social experiment on gender equality in politics went viral, garnering the attention of news outlets and television programs nationwide.

The Mic, partnering with the Non Prophets Podcast

Three part series will be talking about charities that are important to Lululemon. Creating a conversation about certain issues that charities try to face. The conversation will feature speakers from chosen nonprofits along with Stephen Campbell and Franqi French from U Streat Comedy. A live virtual comedy show will be held at the end of the month. This show will feature comedians for corporate events and clean comedians who can make everyone laugh. The comedians will draw a crowd to the live virtual comed show. Profits of the ticket sales will be donated to nonprofit organizations who were featured on Non- Prophets during that month. Ask about our comedy shows for social impact and private events.

Click here to learn more about The Non Prophets comedy podcast.

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