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How we can help you...


The Impact Social

Using comedy shows as a conduit for corporate giving

Comedy and Impact
Make Good Business Sense 

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We're doing something never seen before: Combining our decade of fundraising through comedy, along with our extensive experience in social impact consulting for Fortune 500s, to create

The Impact Social.

While we love to focus solely on putting together an incredible comedy show for an incredible cause, we understand there are multiple stakeholders involved in a successful social impact project, and we have carefully crafted a solution to make everyone happy!  

We'll work with you to put together PR and marketing campaigns around the show to boost your brand  

Raise money for a nonprofit who is positioned to make a real impact 

Learn what causes are most important to your employees and create a memorable event that will make them feel like part of a community

Build good will with your customers by showing them the good work you're doing! 

More investors are considering ESG reporting when determining how much they'll give. With one event, we vastly improve your standing with ESG-minded investors!

We've produced these shows with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

The shows start with a discussion between the host and a nonprofit leader to highlight the scope of the selected issue and what is being done to alleviate the issue. 

That is followed by standup comics from Comedy Central and HBO, talking about the selected issue.


Then we give the audience actionable insights to help alleviate the issue in their own lives and communities. We've found most events like this end on a very dismal outlook of the future.

With The Impact Social, audiences will leave feeling empowered! 

Case Study: Lululemon

The team at Lululemon reached out to us to create an event series that helped their employees cope with the added mental stresses in a post-pandemic world.

The team at U Streat wrote up a show proposal and got Lulu's approval, then put together collateral for them to send to their teams internally. 

Lululemon wanted us to record a podcast with one of their brand ambassadors and overall lovely human, Ally Maz. We put told a series of stories about mishaps with mental health to make suffering with mental health more relatable. 

Then we had a standup comedy show where comics talked about their struggles with mental health. Afterwards, Ally provided some breathing exercises and mental health tools comics and audience members could use. 

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After surveying the 200 person audience, 100% said they loved the show, and 85% said they took away insights they will use to better their own life. 

Why you'd like working with us...

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Find out more about   The Impact Social comedy show!

We're there to help every step of the way - from creative and impact maximization, to  

marketing and campaign management. Let us lighten your workload. 

Laughter offers levity and we offer laughter. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and the causes that are important to you. We'll reach out to schedule a call to see how we can make an impact together! 


Social Impact Contact Form

Contact us to learn more about our team and comedy shows for fundraisers presented by U Streat.

"Stephen and U Streat were absolutely amazing to work with from the very beginning. Everything was planned so effortlessly, and I love how engaging and thoughtful Stephen was with me during the planning process. Our team was in serious need of a unique experience as well as a good laugh-- and that's exactly what we got."  

Kirsten S - Capital One

How we can help you...  

We make people laugh and we make an impact.

Our team is made up of comedians, marketers, and social impact consultants. We use that odd blend of expertise to produce campaigns and events that raise funds, raise awareness, and lift people up.

We want to help your company navigate the social impact space in the most painless way possible while entertaining as many people as possible in the process.

Let's chat! Fill out the form above and let's set up a call so you can tell us about your goals, and we can brainstorm how to make people laugh and make an impact in the process.

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