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Making Smarter Resolutions to Level up in Comedy and Fundraising

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I concluded 2019 with wholesome intentions;

  • 6pm dinner in Chinatown with friends,

  • 9pm go home,

  • 10pm pajamas,

  • 10:30pm micro dose,

  • 11pm sit down to meditate and get aligned for 2020

  • 11:10pm evacuate all Chinese food.

  • 11:30pm realize I macro dosed.

I drifted off to my first restless sleep of 2020 at 5am while cats made sweet love outside my window.

Before being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature, and between getting lost in the bathroom and painting above my bed, I came up with two lists.

The first list consists of goals that are 100% within my control, or have a broad intention so that I can achieve them, even if I'm given obstacles along the way that alter the vision.

The second doc is a roadmap to achieve those goals. It outlines, the best way I see to get where I want to go, and includes specific details as to how to get there.

My past New Year’s resolutions would fall apart because I’d include exact dollar amounts, and dates. I would outline the exact projects that would get me there. Once those projects fell apart, I would consciously, or subconsciously start letting go of the other goals.

Of my ten resolutions last year, I was only able to keep three of them...

  • Write and perform 20 new minutes

  • Put together multiple tours

  • Start a comedy-centric social enterprise

One I couldn’t keep included “Earn $5,000 in monthly income from marketing projects.” I spent so much time focusing on that goal that a lot of things appeared and disappeared along my peripheries before I was able to capitalize on them.

So here are the 2020 goals (Written by me, FOR me)


  • Create more than you consume

  • Be comfortable in your own skin - the path forward is going to be a weird one



  • Best shape since 2015 (Rugby prime)

  • No drinking


  • Write EVERY DAY (Hence why I am writing this blog post)

  • Get on stage at least 360 times

  • Perform at more music festivals than any other year (5)

  • Put together 30 strong minutes

  • Capitalize on social media


  • No additional debt!

  • Meditate more

  • Read more

  • Be a better friend and family member

  • Stop comparing yourself to others (.... while also capitalizing on social media)

  • Go to therapy…. at least once this year


  • Develop relationships with and help as many nonprofits as you can

  • Focus on developing relationships with communities who you can support, and who can support you right back!

I’ve got to a point where I intuitively know what steps must be taken to get me to the next level of my career, both in comedy and fundraising. Now it's about doing it!

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