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The Non Prophets Podcast - Virtual Comedy for Nonprofit and Corporate Partnerships

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

U Streat Comedy produced a live virtual comedy podcast for ABC Food Tours sponsored by Lululemon….

ABC Food Tours is a nonprofit founded to help students facing problems with food insecurity and adversity in New York city. Since Matt James and Tyler Cameron founded ABC Food Tours they have taken over 1,500 students on dozens of tours. Matt James was featured on Non Prophets comedy podcast to talk about ABC Food Tours impact on New York City’s community. ABC Food Tours understand that learning about proper nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. These tours expose students to different careers, healthy eating and varieties of art forms.

Though these food tours have become difficult because of COVID-19, ABC has been continuously providing education virtually. Matt and Tyler use their New York spirit to build up the community and fuel their mentor program. They team up with corporate leaders with students to provide them career guidance in addition to food education.

The comedy podcast brings light to lack of food education in low income communities and how exposure to this knowledge can change their view for generations to come. ABC Food Tours is doing great work in their community and are teaching valuable lessons to children who need them most.

What Is a Virtual Comedy Podcast ?

Non Prophets is a virtual comedy podcast hosted by Stephen Campbell and Franqi French. They bring laughter to difficult conversations. This laughter helps people start conversations about social issues that affect their communities. The weekly virtual podcast features different issues that chosen nonprofits are battling. Non Prophets gives nonprofits a platform to spread awareness on how anyone can contribute to the help of these issues.

What we spoke about on the Non Prophets Podcast Episode...

Mia Zarlengo was featured on this episode of Non Prophets to talk about people's unhealthy relationship with food. Mia is a registered dietitian and cook. She loves food and educates people about its benefits. Based in Chicago, she started her health journey after she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Thyroid Disease. When she changed her eating habits to regulate her hormones, she decided to share her journey with others. She shares her story via her website and instagram named GatheredNutrition.

During her feature on Non Prophets she mentions how she loves making comfort healthy. She gives out tips on how to start your health journey. The best practice is to make small changes. She notes to start looking at the nutrition labels to become aware of what goes into your body. Another tip is to just incorporate vegetables into each meal. Start off small, maybe with lunch and gradually grow to eating healthier.

Corporate Sponsorship on virtual comedy shows and the Non Prophets Podcast

Lululemon proudly sponsored this episode of Non Prophets. If you are not familiar with Lululemon, it is a company that provides premium work out clothing. Their vision was to create a space for people to talk about healthy living, being mindful. The active wear supports consumers by giving them comfort to do the hard work.

U Streat and the Non Prophets Podcast work with countless corporate partners to produce events to support nonprofits who are improving the planet. We would love to work with your company and pair you up with one of our favorite nonprofits, or work with your nonprofit to give you a fundraising tool to reengage with your corporate partners.

How To Tune In And Watch Non Prophets Podcast

The podcast is live-streamed every Tuesday on the Comedy Hub Twitch channel at 6:30 EST, and shared on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcast. Watch it live on Comedy Hub, where you can watch and comment; to join the conversation with Stephen and Franqi.

Also once a month Non Prophets host a virtual comedy show to fundraise for nonprofits featured throughout the month. Through partnerships and sponsorship with companies like Lululemon, U Streat Comedy donate to those nonprofits by selling tickets to the monthly virtual standup showcase. The show's feature well known clean-comedians from Comedy Central and Netflix Comedy Specials.

Employees of the partnership or sponsorship and ticket buyers can virtually attend the stand up comedy show via a private link. These monthly showcases bring so much joy to the audience. The duality of being entertained and donating to purposeful causes is a wonderful mixture to be a part of. As about how to make a social impact and our private shows.

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