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The two biggest questions we get about our virtual comedy shows

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We have been so lucky to produce dozens of corporate live and virtual comedy shows online throughout the pandemic, and another couple down virtual fundraising events as well. The virtual experiences have ranged from large-scale fundraising events with hundreds of guests, to small intimate corporate team-building events. The two biggest questions we are asked by our partners have to do with the content of the shows and the lineup of comics we work with.

We understand that the late night raunchy show you’d see at a comedy club will often not fly when you are trying to engage with your donors or corporate teams, so we always make sure to keep the show at least PG-13. Want family-friendly comedy?? We can do that too! We have been asked to put together some more adult-oriented virtual comedy shows too. If that’s what you’d like, just say the word!

We always strive to make sure our comedy shows are as diverse as possible. There are so many unique perspectives in comedy because of the plethora of cultures and identities present throughout the industry. Our default is to make sure you are exposed to those diverse perspectives. Diversity is what makes life fun, and what makes our virtual experiences even funnier!

Please reach out if you have any questions about private shows. We are constantly customizing shows to appeal to your groups to make them as fun as possible! We can’t wait to get you guys laughing! Click to learn more about U Streat and our fundraiser events. We also host a podcast with sponsorship opportunities.

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