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Using Virtual Comedy Shows for Your Virtual Fundraiser

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Reengage with your corporate sponsors through U Streat Comedy Shows!

U Streat Comedy produces customizable live comedy shows to fundraise for chosen nonprofits. Corporations can get involved by being a charity sponsor. Corporations usually have nonprofits that they already have built a relationship with. The nonprofits usually align with the company's core values or connected to the leadership’s personal values. Corporations contribute through donations or matching the contributions of their employees and communities.

Our comedians are well versed in the comedy world including working with Comedy Central, Netflix and HBO and always will produce a show full of laughter. You can have clean comedy with PG-13 jokes. If requested the comedy can be related to your type of work or a topic of your choosing.

Support Your Favorite Non-Profit Through Comedy

You can support your local nonprofits by having U Streat producing a live comedy show on your behalf. Companies looking to be corporate sponsors can bring nonprofits they already have relationships with or U Streat can pair them. We use Unity Value Fundraising platform to maximize your impact. Unity Values gives us the opportunity to easily share and engage with people interested in the live comedy show. The show can fundraise by selling tickets and asking for donations.

Past Featured Nonprofits.

TEAK Fellowship stands for Transforming Lives and Lifting Communities. TEAK Fellowship is a free NYC-based program that helps talented students from low-income families achieve their potential. TEAK was started in 1998, by Justine Arrillaga who wanted to create a program to help students use education to overcome economic hardships. This program leads kids to be successful in their community and careers.

Through intensive after school and summer classes, TEAK prepares middle school students to get into the nation’s most selective high schools and colleges. TEAK provides the support system to ensure that students thrive in their high schools and graduate from college. This provides them the readiness to pursue their professional goals. Their mission is to not let students' income situation limit their academia opportunities.

The HEADStrong Foundation has branched off into many beneficial services over the past 13 years, to help their community.The HEADStrong Foundation was created in memory of Pat’s brother Nicholas Collelouri. Nicholas was a lacrosse player at Hofstra University that was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After his family went through the struggles of Nicholas’s illness, they wanted to create a support system for families going through similar situations. One of those services provided within HEADStrong Foundation is HEADStrong Lacrosse, which provides mentorship to competitive lacrosse players across the country. Another service provided is HEADStrong Nick’s House, which is a residence offered to families that need housing while traveling for various treatments.

How Corporate Sponsorships With U Streat Comedy Work

U Streat will take care of event production live tech management writing for the show and more. Prices will be negotiable but please reach out via to find the best options for you. Charity Sponsorships can help brand image and reinforce your company's value.There are local nonprofits in your area that are working hard to help others. Many nonprofits need help financially to adjust to Covid-19 restrictions. With the help of U Streat you can help out people in need.

We have worked with companies such as Clorox, Amazon and Salesforce. All of them have had a great experience with us and we would like to provide that to you. The beauty of virtual shows many people can watch when they would like. We can hop on a Zoom or Youtube Live so the audience can engage. We make the shows enjoyable with the goal to have as many laughs as possible.

In our comedic line up we have comedians such as Judah FireLander from 30 Rock, Chanel Ali who worked with Comedy Central and TruTV, and Franqi French a Standup NBC Winner. We have done our best to adjust to the virtual environment like many other businesses and we have come up with a great way to bring laughter and purpose. Nonprofits and companies have sent countless emails and spoke so positively. Thousands of people have enjoyed our virtual comedy shows. We want to continue to expand and share the laughter with others. Nonprofits need help and we need companies to provide charity sponsorships. Ask about our social impact shows.

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