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We Just Surpassed 130 Virtual Comedy Shows!!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Virtual Corporate and Fundraising Comedy Shows Keep on Keepin On....

We have been so lucky to produce virtual comedy shows for thousands of audience members in dozens of scenarios, with hundreds of comedians!

When we started producing these virtual corporate comedy shows, we never thought that we would do more than a dozen, and even that seemed optimistic! But the more virtual comedy shows we put together, the more people approach us to put on more shows!! But we are having so much fun doing it and are incessantly counting our blessings. The fact that our corporate audiences have given us the opportunity to work on our art form (yes, yelling about an interaction with a lady on the subway is an art form!) is enough for us to count our blessings every day, and is the Nicotine Patch we need to bridge us through until in person comedy shows are allowed once again!

Corporate entertainment has completely changed, and we are changing with it.

As is the case with everyone over the last year, we have been incessantly changing to keep corporate teams laughing through our comedy shows. Initially our shows were solely ticketed, and then we moved to only doing shows for corporate entities. Now we are running a hybrid form which has some ticketed events through our corporate comedy shows, but they are to raise money for a number of nonprofit organizations. So, reach out and let's find out we can make these comedy shows work for your organization as well!

Three things we have learned from producing virtual corporate comedy shows...

One - People want to laugh! When we started these comedy shows we weren't sure how people were going to receive them. We have been blown away with the positive response! Almost every one of our corporate comedy show clients have inquired about producing a second, third, or in one company's instance, FIFTH comedy show!

Two - Expect a virtual comedy show, and you will get a virtual comedy show! The people who have had the best time at our virtual comedy shows have been the people who came in without knowing what they were getting themselves into! No expectations means you'll be open to taking in these shows how they are meant to be taken in!

Here's one account: "We had no idea what a virtual comedy show even was, but we laughed more from inside our office, than we ever had at an actual comedy club!"

Three - The best audiences are the ones that laugh!

We understand how obvious this one sounds, but the amount of people who come into these comedy shows willing to laugh, and be open-minded to a new comedy experience has been very surprising! Teams that laugh together, stay together!

These shows have been an excellent corporate team-building opportunity, and the ones that walk away with new inside jokes are the ones that we end up producing lots of shows for!

If you or anyone you know wants to produce a corporate comedy show for your team-building exercises, then we would love to talk to you! Our comedy shows are always a default of PG-13, and the lineups are always as diverse as possible. If you have any other variables that you see as necessary to put on the best event possible, we want to hear them!

All we want is to make you laugh. So reach out and let's figure out how to get the ball rolling!

Last week we produced three corporate comedy shows - one for a food and beverage company, one for an HR firm, and one for a Fortune 500 Company. The shows were all personalized for the company we were working with, and the only issue was that there may have been too much laughing. We're making Corporate America laugh a bunch, and making sure everyone is safe in the process.

Come laugh with us and have a comedy show already! Click to learn about U Streat and our podcasts.

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