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You Too Can Book Virtual Comedy Show For Your Corporate Event

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Last week, U Streat Comedy produced a live virtual comedy show for Salesforce….

SalesForce is a popular customer relationship management platform. They started in 1999 and after 21 years they need a much needed virtual break. Salesforce employees enjoyed our virtual show with lights to last them the rest of the month. Employees interacted with the comedic material very well and took in the opportunity to have fun with their co-workers. We make the show as interactive as possible to keep viewers engaged.

The show featured well-known comedians to create those joyous laughter on last week's corporate comedy show. Mike E Winfield is an Emmy nominated comedian with writing credits on shows such as The Late Show with David Letterman. He is mostly known and recognized for his role on the hilarious NBC’s show The Office. Mike’s being an experienced comedian brought a great energy to the show.

The next featured comedian was Franqi French who is very involved with U Streat. She is the co-host of the weekly online comedy podcast cleverly named the Non-Prohets. Non-Prohets online podcast discusses difficult topics in a fun way with U Streat’s founder Stephen Campbell. Franqi is all fun and brings a realness about current events that affect the world. She brings a unique hilarious perspective to corporate comedy in a way not yet seen.

The last comedian was Morgan Jay. Morgan is known for being a semifinalist on NBC “Bring The Funny”. A veteran in stand up comedy, he has now switched gears to virtual comedy shows and hasn’t missed a beat.

Ready To Put On Your Own Virtual Comedy Show For Your Company?

We have put on 135 virtual comedy shows for companies ranging from Lululemon to Clorox. Our corporate comedy shows are about 60 minutes but can be adjusted to fit into your workday schedule. We created a shared connection with the audience. Zoom can create a live personal experience.

Corporate stand up comedy can still feel like live entertainment but from the comfort of your own home. Despite everyone being in various different locations and felt similar to being at a comedy venue. Looking forward to a fun event like laughing with our corporate entertainers can help a lot with productivity.

What Types Of Virtual Comedy Are Out There?

We can put on a show with the biggest comics in the world, or up and coming talent from New York and Los Angeles. Now virtually we can be anywhere in the U.S to create entertainment for promotions, celebrations, diversity and inclusion talks, or even holiday parties. Our goal is to have fun and provide joy to your company.

Staring at a screen all day can really get you down but we are here to cheer you up.

Breakout rooms and large sessions are available. Again, we can customize the show however you would like it to look. We would make you laugh from the comfort of your home or office space. Virtual online comedy shows will be enjoyed just the same if not better.

Platforms For Hosting Corporate Virtual Comedy Shows

U Streat live virtual comedy shows create a shared connection with the audience. Zoom can create a personal experience with smaller intimate groups or larger seminar audiences. Nonetheless, it still feels like live entertainment. We can meet your company on whatever platform you are familiar with. This includes Skype, Facebook Live, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Whatever platform is the most enjoyable for the audience is the best match for us.

You Should Plan Your Online Virtual Comedy Event

We can set up a meeting to figure out what you want your show to look like. You know what your employees will enjoy. Companies have interacted with the material very well because we make it as interactive as possible by talking about what the employees want to hear. We will collaborate to make that vision a success and provide an enjoyable virtual comedy show.

Virtual comedy can bring much needed laughter and break for the normal work day operations.Our clean live comedy show during work hours can be a benefit to your company.Our shows can be a corporate team-building opportunity.

What to Expect From A U Streat Virtual Comedy Show

Our corporate virtual comedy show can improve team morale, and bring people together through a non-work experience. Corporate stand up comedy can be tailored to the company. If you are an automobile sales company we can talk about the car industry. The Purpose is to make it relatable to you and your company. Comedy during the work day can give you the feel of a drink after work or happy hour at a bar. We know that dealing with Covid-19 has changed the corporate lifestyle but we are trying to bring the fun back. Happy hours are on pause in most places but a laugh can happen at any time with U Streat virtual comedy shows. Please browse our website to find out more about how you can give your company a much needed break with laughter.

Click here to see how your company can sponsor a podcast and ask about our fundraiser shows.

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