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The Non Prophets Podcast was Honored to Work w/ the HEADstrong Foundation

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Listen to the Non Prophet's Episode with HEADstrong:

Check it out here

On the last episode of the Non Prophets podcast, Comedian and Founder of U Streat Comedy Stephen Campbell and comedian Franqi French spoke with Pat Colleluori from HEADStrong Foundation. The HEADStrong Foundation was created in memory of Pat’s brother Nicholas Collelouri. Nicholas was a lacrosse player at Hofstra University that was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After his family went through the struggles of Nicholas’s illness, they wanted to create a support system for families going through similar situations.

Pat is the epitome of turning grief into beauty! His work over the past decade and a half has done immeasurable good for people and families dealing with cancer.

The HEADStrong Foundation has branched off into many beneficial services over the past 13 years, to help their community. One of those services provided within HEADStrong Foundation is HEADStrong Lacrosse, which provides mentorship to competitive lacrosse players across the country. Another service provided is HEADStrong Nick’s House, which is a residence offered to families that need housing while traveling for various treatments.

Throughout this episode of the Non Prophets Podcast, each speaker told their experience dealing with personal illnesses, terminal cancer and the problems caused by healthcare families too often have to deal with. Please watch and listen to the Non Prophets Podcast on this difficult topic on Twitch, Youtube, and Spotify.

How the Non Prophets Podcast is helping through virtual fundraising

We have been working with nonprofits to shine light on the work they are doing through the Non Prophets Podcast, and then producing virtual comedy shows for them to fundraise. Please look forward to our upcoming showcase for the TEAK Fellowship, Breakthrough New York, and America Needs You for our

“college access” showcase. If you would like to attend or support, use this link:

TEAK Fellowship podcast: 3/16 @ 6:30

Breakthrough NYC: 3/23 @ 6:30

America Needs You: 3/10 @ 4PM EST

U Streat and the Non Prophets with Franqi French and Stephen Campbell is being used as a fundraising vehicle for as many nonprofits as we can. We love using our platform and talents to support the work of nonprofits, and would love to hear from you if you’d like us to produce a fundraising comedy show for your cause, or if you would like to hop on the podcast yourself.

Click here to learn about how to sponsor a podcast.

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