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The Road to Mental Health with Lululemon, Ally Maz & U Streat

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

We had our first in-person live Non Prophets podcast with Lululemon and Ally Maz and it blew our expectations out of the water! It was part comedy show, part book tour (for Ally's new book Girlvana), and all discussion on mental health.

These past two years have been tough on everyone. As we said in the show, "If you're not going a little crazy right now, then you may be a little crazy." The amount of people seeking mental health help has skyrocketed. The amount of people reporting cases of depression and anxiety has done likewise. We have been forced to sit with ourselves during the worst global pandemic anyone in this lifetime has ever witnessed, and to come out the other side in a healthy fashion is taking a lot of work for everyone.

There are millions of ways to deal with your mental health, but in this discussion, we focus on yoga, movement, and breathwork. Franqi French and Stephen Campbell are very early into their journey with mental health, and have been forced to address their underlying trauma (Stephen discusses how he has had two dozen friends die, and Franqi talks about being forced into a mental hospital at the age of fourteen). We were blown away by the audience's positive response to the show and had them share some of their stories dealing with trauma.

Franqi and Stephen keep the conversation as lighthearted as possible, and there are laughs shared by everyone. Ally shares her own traumas and how she has been working with teenage and young women to help them address traumas of their own.

This is the third show The Non Prophets have done with Lululemon and it looks like there will be a nationwide tour coming up soon! They are working with a number of corporate groups to talk about mental health with experts in the field and to give employees access to mental health resources. The shows have been incredibly uplifting, funny, and interactive for everyone involved. If your company would like to join the conversation, please reach out!!

Here is a link to the episode. If you like it, please share it with your friends and families, and pretty please keep an eye out for the Non Prophets tour dates coming soon!!!

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