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The Non Prophets Podcast - Featuring Hawk and Chivona Newsome with Black Lives Matter

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

U Streat Comedy produced a live virtual comedy podcast with Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, and you should give it a listen!

Black Lives Matter of Greater New York is a protest organization that supports the liberation of the Black community. They have been doing great work in the Black community including providing education, resources and food to underserved communities. Their Montessori school Wildflower Charter School located in the Bronx, New York, currently has over 30 kids learning about Black history and how they can contribute to the betterment of their people.

They have fed close to 12,000 people in collaboration with local food banks. BLM of Greater New York has also been doing the work on the legislative side by passing five laws over the past year. They have gathered support via social media attention with several of their campaigns. People donate to the organization and their projects via GoFundme and private donations. The organization is not affiliated with the official Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and instead operates independently with the help of their supporters.

Give the Non Prophets Podcast with Black Lives Matter of Greater New York a listen, right here!!

Background on the Founders of BLM Greater New York

Chivona Newsome co-founder for BLM Greater New York, former candidate for congress, financial advisor. She has dedicated her adult life to the betterment of the Black community. She worked on the $50 Billion Dollar challenge which created college savings, retirement plans, and generational wealth for the residents of the Bronx. Since then, she has engaged in several protests across the country with BLM of Greater New York.

Her brother Hawk Newsome is another co-founder of BLM Greater New York. He is a cast member of Cop Watch America on Black Entertainment Television. This show highlights the mistreatment of the Black communities by officers of the law. He works diligently to build support in his community for BLM Greater New York by use of projects such as “I Ain't Voting Until Black Lives Matter”.

What we spoke about on the Non Prophets Podcast Episode

Franqi French co-host of Non Prophets asked Chivona and Hawk “How to view change?” She talks about losing a child due to the stress of the brutal killing of George Floyd. The Newsomes talked about how we can see change in where the Black community spends its money. The Black community has a Trillion-dollar spending power and little of that money goes back into the Black community. Fortunately, there has been a push to buy Black and people have been gaining the discipline to not support other racial groups' business. The bigger the plan is in the progress of Black people getting into spaces to help other black people. Franqi expresses how she had to fight to get Black people in the door when she worked in recruiting for corporations. Companies ignore Black people because they don't fit within their standards even if they are overqualified. People need to understand that racism is embedded in this society.

Stephen Campbell the other co-host of the Non Prophets and the founder of U Streat Comedy asked “How can white allies aid in the fight?” Hawk answered that white people need to bring resources to the Black community. They can also help by confronting anti-blackness in other white people. Another suggestion was for white allies to respect Black leadership. Everyone thinks they know what is best for Black people except for black people, and that isn't the truth.

What Is a Virtual Comedy Podcast ?

Non Prophets virtual comedy podcast hosted by Stephen Campbell and Franqi French. Their specialty is having tough conversations with the light of comedy. This podcast helps people have conversations about what's going on in their communities and how they can help. The weekly virtual podcast features different topics from homelessness to hunger to racial injustice. Non Prophets gives nonprofits a platform to spread awareness on how anyone can contribute to the help of these issues. If you have a nonprofit that you would like to bring awareness to through out virtual fundraising, or through the Non Prophets Podcast, please feel free to reach out here. You can catch the podcast on Youtube, Spotify and Apple Podcast. Ask about sponsoring a podcast, our social impact comedy events, and fundraisers for corporations.

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